Polymer Clay is a very durable, non-toxic, art-grade
PVC product manufactured in liquid and solid forms and
available in a rainbow of colors.  The liquid can be used as a
sealer or glaze, for image transfers, or as clay "glue".  Solid
clay must be conditioned prior to use to make it workable and
to evenly disperse the plasticizers.  All forms of polymer clay
must be hardened by curing in an oven.  

The artistic possibilities of polymer clay are endless. It can be
molded, stamped, textured, rolled, carved, painted, tinted,
extruded, silk screened, sliced, sculpted, layered, covered in
metal leaf, antiqued, drilled, sanded, sealed, or buffed to a
high gloss (whew!).

Each polymer clay artist has favorite methods for
transforming that simple block of clay into his or her own
creation.  I love to do it all!
Polymer Clay Color Scales inspired by Maggie Maggio
(Color scales inspired by Maggie Maggio)
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